Efficiency and quality! Why sacrifice when you can have both?

Hot Cakes on the Go has a proud tradition of serving our customers quality, perfectly cooked meals in a timely fashion! We let the goods speak for themselves, and they usually say, "We're delicious and bountiful!"

Why Full Service?
Glad you asked!

When you order our full service package, you aren't just getting a stomach full of hot cakes! We have a great number of options for you and your guests to enjoy. Scrambled eggs, Klement sausages, and so much more!

Think your crowd is just too big?
Believe us, it isn't.

While we are a humble company, we certainly know what we're good at! It's hard to deny what we're capable of doing for large venues when we have so much success in exactly that category of catering.

What option best suits your needs?

Large venue

We here at Hot Cakes on the Go are well equiped to serve any size crowd especially those of a large venues such as; county wide breakfast on the farm events, government department hosted events, community events, and fair events. To date our largest crowd served is 6803 people.

Corporate Catering

When professionalism is needed Hot Cakes on the Go brings a well tailored package to your office. Looking to celebrate your holiday events, company expansions, retirements, milestones, routine meetings, or customer appreciation events, we can cover them all! We step up our game for the true gourmet experience. We take the ordinary and make it extraordinary when it comes to your custom breakfest.


Looking to turn a profit for your charitable event without the hastle of making all the food yourself? We have the affordable package for you. We can build whatever buffet package that best suits your budget, and allows your volunteers to remain a part of your event.

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